Saturday, January 30, 2016

Free Printable Bridesmaid Card

Asking my bridesladies to stand with me on the big day was a special part of my engagement day. Since I saw the proposal coming a mile away (sorry Dan: the when wasn't a surprise, but the how certainly was!), I had time to prepare a gift bag for each of my bridesladies-to-be and "pop the question" to them right after Dan popped the question to me!

My hometown in the mountains of North Carolina is famous for tobacco, Christmas trees, cheese, and honey. A pack of cigars, 8-ft tree, or a wheel of cheese all seemed like weird gift ideas, so I went with the bees and the honey. However, you don't need a honey-themed gift bag for this cute card to make a sweet and memorable way to ask your ladies (or dudes!) to be by your side. Free printables for bridesmaids, maids of honor, bridesdudes, and your "person" are included at the bottom of this post. And the fun doesn't stop there: I've rounded up four of my favorite free printables from around the internet so you can find just the right card for your gals!

After Dan proposed, we trekked through the pouring rain to have our own mini photo shoot on Nashville's famous footbridge. The clouds parted just as we arrived, and at the end of our photo shoot, I popped the question to three of my four bridesmaids... They said yes!

With a population of less than 3000, my hometown doesn't have all that many specialty shops... But they do have an adorable honey-themed boutique called the Honey Hole. I bought up the last of a vendor's home-grown honey at our local farmer's market, and then found honey soap and bee-attracting wildflower seeds to round out the gift bag. 

My little sister said yes to being my maid-of-honor! You can set a maid-of-honor gift bag apart from the rest by printing the card in a different color or using a different color bag.

To download the printable to make a card or gift bag of your very own, click on the picture below. It's absolutely free for personal use!

To download the file, click on the picture above. Be sure to download the PDF. Once you do so, the outline on the bee that shows up on the Google preview will dissapear!

Here are just a few of my favorite free printables from around the internet. If nothing here strikes your fancy, then strike out on your own! I bet you can DIY something perfect for your ladies... If you do, post it to the comments below!

top left: only by invite | top right: coastal bride
bottom left: lia griffith | bottom right: a handcrafted wedding

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