Saturday, May 17, 2014

DIY Chalkboard Paint

While I was whipping up nail & yarn art a few weeks back to titivate our dining room, my housemate, Jess, was busy bringing her own inspiration to our spring sprucing. She took a boring, puke-colored wall and turned it into a vibrant chalkboard to display our chores, meeting agenda items, and house messages! When she told me how easy it was to make chalkboard paint—she used only two supplies that we already had around the house—I knew I had to share this with you lovely readers. Ready to make chalkboard paint in any color you dream up? And ready to do it in three easy steps? Read on, dear reader.

What you'll need:
  • 1 cup, flat acrylic paint (truly any color)
  • 2 tablespoons, non-sanded tile grout
  • paintbrush or paint roller + roller tray
  • mixing stick

Step 1: Mix together the paint and tile grout. Stir the grout in slowly and mix thoroughly to avoid the clumps and lumps! Jess used a color called Gem Turquoise (#500B-4 at Home Depot), and tile grout that retails at about $1-3/pound.

Step 2: Paint your boring, old wall with your brand new chalkboard paint using your paintbrush or paint roller! Jess did two coats for our turquoise wall.

Step 3: Prime the wall by rubbing a layer of chalk over the entire surface of the board, then erasing it. This keeps your first words and images from sticking to the wall permanently. Or so they say... To be honest, Jess skipped this step, and we're still able to erase the board with ease.

Lettering by the formidable Johannah Herr

Easy as 1, 2, 3! I worried that light-colored chalk wouldn't show up on such a light shade of turquoise, but Jess assured me before the paint had even dried that you can truly use any color paint you want. And she was right: every color of chalk looks amazing on this light teal! 

Ready to mix up your own concoction, but don't know quite how you'd utilize it? The possible uses for chalkboard paint are endless. Check out a few of my favorites below for inspiration!

top left: mandi tremayne  |  top middle: dirtsa studio  |  top right: designed by kellie green
middle left: style me pretty  |  middle right: cake ink
bottom left: wannabe gypsy  |  bottom middle: down to earth NW  |  bottom right: diy on the cheap

Now that you've got yourself a chalkboard, it's time to put some something on it! Check out Saturday Crafternoons' tutorial on chalkboard lettering if you'd like the inspiration to continue. Until then... adieu, and happy painting!

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